The Youth Ministry is led by Sarah Parkinson

Our regular youth meetings take place on Sundays and Tuesdays, with ad hoc other events throughout the year.

Sunday Youth

Sunday Youth is our Sunday morning group for young people.  We have two groups which meet during the sermon, one for those in school years 7 through to 10 which meets every week, then one for those in Year 10-13, which meets on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month. It’s a fun and relaxed environment where we get to know God and each other through prayer, the study of God’s word and laughter.

Where does Sunday Youth take place?

For Years 7-10, Sunday Youth happens in the Small Building and Years 10-13 in the basement unless otherwise announced.  Head out to the back of the main auditorium through to the concourse area, and then one of the Team will direct you to the right place.

How long does Sunday Youth run for?

Youth Sunday will run until the end of the service – usually 45 minutes – 1 hour.  The Youth will then make their own way back to the concourse area once the service has finished.

Why does Sunday Youth exist?

We believe that the Word of God (the Bible and the person of Jesus) is the food we need to help us live life to the full – to give it our best.  We also understand that relationships are key in every person’s life.  Sunday Youth exists to help connect us with God and connect the Youth with each other.

Tuesday Youth

Tuesday Night Youth is a mid-week gathering for our young people, it is high energy, fun and interactive whilst giving our young people tools for the next generation, encouraging them to experience the presence of God and building and drawing on the treasure that God has already placed in them.

Games, teaching, worship and a whole load of friendship for school years 7 to 13.

When does Tuesday Night Youth take place?

Tuesday Nights in term-time from 7:30pm until 9:00pm.

Where does Tuesday Night Youth take place?

Unless otherwise announced, we meet in the Small Building, which is a separate building surrounded by the car park.  Access is through a grey door at the back in the car park.