What to Expect

Welcome to LGCC. We hope you’ll join us for a weekend service to see for yourself what we’re about. Not every meeting is the same at LGCC but below will give you a little taste as to some of the things that could happen.

Our meetings

People often ask the same questions when they come to one of our meetings; so here are some answers, to help you feel more at home with us. If you have more questions, please ask – either the person who introduced you to the church, or one of the leaders.

Why do we meet?

We meet because we are part of God’s family and we want to learn more about Him and express our worship to Him together.

During our meetings we often sing. Some songs are lively, expressing our gratitude to God; some are more quiet and thoughtful, expressing love and worship. Some people may sit, some may stand or kneel, or raise their hands or dance – all of these are simply different ways to express ourselves towards God, much as a crowd might express their feelings at a football match or when a celebrity is around.

What else might happen?

We also use ‘spiritual gifts’ that God has given us. For example, someone might ‘prophesy’ – speaking a message God has given them. This might be through an image given by God to someone’s mind, or a bible passage that suddenly seems very relevant.

The Sermon (link to podcast)

More often than not we make time in our meetings to listen to someone talk from the Bible. This is very important to us, as the Bible is God’s written means of communication with us, helping us understand how He thinks and what He likes, like a letter from our heavenly Father. The Bible is our handbook for life. You will often see people making notes on the sermon for future reference, study and personal application.


Communion is something that we do because Jesus told us to. As we break and share the bread, drink the wine and pray together, it reminds us of the significance of Jesus’ death. The broken bread reminds us of His body broken on the cross and the wine reminds us of His blood – He died so that we could be friends with God.

We share communion on the first Sunday of every month.

What about money?

At some of our meetings, you may see us collecting money. We call this an ‘offering’, because no-one is obliged to give anything, unless they want to offer it. Some money is used for the general running costs of the church, for example to pay our full and part-time staff. Some is used for special projects, such as helping missionaries overseas or helping someone in need.

Many people who are part of our church give by ‘tithing’ – regularly giving at least 10% of their income (‘tithe’ means a tenth). By signing a Gift Aid form, income tax payers allow us to reclaim the tax they’ve paid, further increasing their giving. Please ask if you want more information about this.