Join a Church Team

Volunteers form the heart of any great church or ministry. The church was not designed to be led by professionals but by the body serving each other in love so that everybody can be built up to be all they can be in Christ. Serving is at the heart of the mission of Jesus. He came to serve and as we emulate him a natural element of that is to serve too.
Ephesians 2:21-22 talks about how the church is built together to rise together to be a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit. The church can only be built strongly if every brick is in the right place doing what it is called to do.
Serving on a team is also a fantastic way to get to know others and to feel a part of the church, knowing that you are partnering with God and with others to see his purpose worked out. Serving on a team is part of your journey of walking out your relationship with God. Serving is good for you, and good for the church!
It is our aim at LGCC to see every person commit to at least one ministry area or team. In that way we can all share in the work, no one gets overburdened, and everyone gets connected to the heart and purpose of the church.
Come and participate in seeing the church advance and lives transformed – your church needs you!  Here are some of the teams that operate at LGCC:
 – Host Team
 -Refreshments Team
– BabyZone
 – MiniZone
– KidZone
– The Zone
– Events & Conferences
– Office Support
– Information Hub
– The Extra Smile Project
– Building Maintenance
– Technical/ Media Team
– Kitchen & Catering

If you’d like to sign up to be considered for any of these teams, please email us on