It may be all too easy to look around at somewhere so beautiful and wealthy and assume that poverty does not exist in places such as our local community in Letchworth. However, behind the tree lined streets, the scenic parks and gorgeous artisan coffee shops we can see that Poverty does clearly exist in ways and in places we are unfamiliar or even far too familiar with.

What we do


We are currently supporting children and families from three primary schools in Letchworth by providing pop-up Uniform Banks in which school uniform can be purchased for as little as 50p (including jumpers, skirts, trousers, coats and more!). Our dream is to be able to serve all primary schools in the letchworth area and to extend what we do to all those in our community who may need this support.


As a church, we are in the middle of developing our Extra Smile Community Care Centre – amongst other things, this will serve as a more permanent base for the Uniform Bank, where families who have been referred can come to choose the items they need.

How you can help

We are always on the lookout for either very good quality second-hand items or brand new items to keep our stocks up, so please keep them coming in, making sure they are all washed and ironed beforehand!

Our Values


Seeking the peace and prosperity of our community


Everyone has an opportunity to be involved, to develop and grow their gifts to serve


generous and sacrificial giving is a lifestyle worth cultivating… giving freely and joyfully of their time, resources, talents and finances