Each project is on the first Saturday of each month, meeting at The Icknield Centre at 9am.

Sometimes we are faced with issues such as loneliness, unemployment, ill-health and family breakdown, which can make every-day life seem like a huge challenge. Circumstances may also lead to quick moves into homes that haven’t been decorated for years, where the garden is overgrown and the kitchen is falling apart. When this happens it can seem as if there is no hope, and often it can seem as if there is no one to turn to for help with these practical jobs.

The Extra Smile Project exists for this purpose. Led by a team of people from Letchworth Garden City Church, the project seeks to support families by providing practical support and solutions to them in their time of need, also helping them to help themselves in the process.


To date we’ve supported families by doing things such as decorating rooms, clearing gardens, fitting kitchens, repairing sheds, clearing rubbish and fitting carpets. Many volunteers have been involved in helping those most in need; and almost everyone that’s been involved has found a great sense of achievement and fulfillment in doing so, knowing that they have made a significant difference to somebody’s life.

How can you help?

We really need volunteers! If you are willing and able, please let us know what you can do (e.g. paint, clear rubbish, drive, cut grass, etc.) and we’ll get in contact with you. Perhaps you can give financial support, pray for the teams and families or make tea for the workers.  Everyone can do something to bring an extra smile.


What do those we have helped have to say?

Many people have benefited from the project. One such lady recently commented:

“The help I received from The Extra Smile Project really meant so much to me. When my husband moved out, it was a really difficult time. I wasn’t working and found it difficult to even come out of my bedroom. At first it was hard to accept the help because I felt I didn’t deserve it and should manage on my own; but a year later I’m still really grateful for the work people did for me on the project: they fixed my roof, completely decorated my bedroom, laid a carpet, sorted out a cooker, put kitchen units in, fixed my door, dumped all the rubbish, fixed my shed and did my garden.”

This same lady has since donated money to the project and has asked to be involved as a volunteer on a future project.

Another person said, “It’s great – my children have never had carpet in their bedroom before!

And one local supplier said, “I didn’t know churches did this sort of thing.” He went on to supply the materials at cost.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with The Extra Smile Project, you can e-mail us at tesp@mylgcc.com